A Pinch of Powder

Award-winning book one in the Pulvology series, by Richard Edward Benoit

Powders and Time

The second book in the Pulvology series, by Richard Edward Benoit

Winner of the Mom's Choice Gold Award

Named a 2017 best book for families

Winner of the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

Named a 2017 bronze metal winner for pre-teens

Meet Richard Edward Benoit

Richard Edward Benoit is a writer based in Northern California. He obtained a degree in biology then continued his studies to earn a doctorate in dental surgery. He gardens and writes and is always captivated by the wonders of science and the beauty of nature.

The Pulvology series was inspired by his children and was one of the ways he brought science into their lives, making it fun and exciting. His first book in the Pulvology series, a Pinch of Powder, won a gold decree from the Mom’s Choice Awards and a Bronze citation from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.


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2017 Mom’s Choice Gold Award

Richard Edward Benoit has received the 2017 Mom’s Choice Gold Award for A Pinch of Powder. Mom’s Choice awards honor excellence in family friendly media. Judged on quality, originality and appeal, as well as educational and entertainment value, this novel was deemed a best book for families.

2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award

A Pinch of Powder was also named a 2017 bronze medal winner in the pre-teen fiction e-book category by Moonbean Children’s Book Awards. Moonbeam awards celebrate youthful curiosity, discovery and learning through books and reading. 

The Pulvology Series

All it takes is a pinch of powder … 

A Pinch of Powder

Book One in the Pulvology Series

It’s the longest, hottest summer of all time, and siblings Jim and Carrie are being forced to spend it in their dreary new town of Claremont, Ohio. Desperate to escape their boredom, the two kids take a summer job looking after their neighbor’s dogs and quickly realize they’re in for a more exciting summer than they could have possibly imagined.

There’s more to Mrs. Simonson from down the street than meets the eye. She’s a pulvologist — a scientist that makes powders that can dye hair green and make broccoli taste like chocolate. In her laboratory, she dreams of inventing a powder that turns things invisible.

Jim and Carrie’s summer is looking up but trouble arrives when sinister businessmen try to shut down their family bakery. Now it’s up to brother and sister to save the day. However, they’re about to learn that a pinch of powder might cause just as many problems as it solves.

A Pinch of Powder is available from these retailers: Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.

Powders and Time

Book Two in the Pulvology Series

After his accident with Mrs. Simonson’s powder, Jim struggles to understand the abilities he’s secretly gained. Then a terrible event hurtles him into a distant place requiring others to rush to his aid.

But saving Jim isn’t easy, not when he’s been promised he could rule the world if he’d simply embrace a sinister plan; an offer almost too difficult to turn down.

Powders and Time is an adventure full of excitement and humor.

You may purchase Powders and Time — the second book in the Pulvology series — from these retailers: Indie Bound, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.

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